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Accessible, AAMC formatted practice passages for all, no matter how well you know us.

Practice like it's the real thing.

You don't have to go in blind on test day. Practice with professionally formatted passages to learn how to apply your studies and face your MCAT exam with confidence. A small sneak peek can go a long way.

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Free MCAT PAssages

Official Format

Made to set you up for success. Our MCAT practice passages replicate the format of the AAMC exam so that you know exactly what to expect on test day.

Daily Discipline

A better score starts with better prep, and better prep starts with you. When you practice with our free passages each day, you'll develop the discipline you need to succeed on your MCAT.


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All You'll Need

Our MCAT practice passages cover every section of the exam, including:

  • Chemistry & Physics

  • CARS

  • Biology & Biochem

  • Psychology & Sociology

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What Our Students Say

I used the Pillar Prep Daily MCAT passages the month leading up to my MCAT as practice. They were so incredibly helpful, I made sure to save them all in a folder in my email in case I have to retake my MCAT. All the passages were free to use!


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Free MCAT Passages

Easily accessible, AAMC formatted MCAT practice passages that cover every section of the exam - delivered straight to your inbox every day. No cost, no catch. Enroll today for free.

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