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We're a collective of lifelong learners who believe there's a better way to serve and support our peers.

Our Mission

At Pillar Prep, we strive to build you up. In a world where MCAT culture so often makes students feel inadequate and alone, we choose to believe in the power of collaboration. The Pillar Prep team and the premed community share a collective goal: to help people. We want to empower premeds to realize their dreams of serving people in medicine. When we come together as peers, there is no challenge we cannot rise above. Our mission is to elevate, educate, and provide a strong foundation for future physicians through our services, products, and community.

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Our History

Where We Started

A voided score - an MCAT taker's worst nightmare. In 2017, our founder, Sean, walked out of his MCAT exam already sure that his performance wouldn't reflect all the hard work he'd done to prepare. He hadn't failed - his prep with big name programs had failed him. With this in mind, Sean was determined to reevaluate his MCAT prep and make sure his hard work paid off.

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Where We've Been

Pillar Prep was created for Retakers. Many MCAT students retake the exam every year, so why is it so hard for Retakers to find prep that caters to them? As Retakers ourselves, we set out to solve this problem. Through extensive research and collaboration, we developed the foundation for a new, Retaker-centric MCAT prep. With a focus on strategy and critical understanding, our programs help Retakers craft their prep to improve their MCAT score.

Where We're Going

Our journey began with a group of MCAT Retakers searching for support in an industry that offered none. In the three years since, we've helped over 800 students in those same shoes, and expanded our team along the way. We've realized that when we come together, we can rise above the challenges of a stressful, competitive, and difficult medical school journey. Our name reflects our collective effort. At Pillar Prep, our commitment to providing you the foundation and support to realize your dream is the center of all we do.

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