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The Retaker Course

The only MCAT prep program tailor-made to help Retakers succeed.

Community Learning

Our students lift one another to new heights. When one of us grows, we all do.

MCAT Tutoring

We've been there. Our tutors are real students who know the value of a personal touch.

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Easily accessible, AAMC formatted MCAT practice passages that cover every section of the exam - delivered straight to your inbox every day. No cost, no catch. Enroll today for free.

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Our Community Speaks

Pillar Prep has been extremely helpful in boosting my confidence by mentoring me and providing me with tools and resources I needed.

Paige, MCAT Student

I wouldn’t have had this confidence level in preparing for my MCAT if it wasn’t for Pillar Prep!

Cory, MCAT Student

I got more out those five hours than I have gotten in numerous hours of Kaplan test prep.

Steffanie, MCAT Student

Seriously the BEST decision I ever made... I saw a 15 point increase.

Kara, MCAT Student

Through my time working with Pillar Prep, my practice scores have increased by 13 points!

Sydney, MCAT Student

Pillar Prep makes this seemingly impossible test, simple.

Toby, MCAT Student

Come Together

At Pillar Prep, we strive to provide a foundation for student and peer collaboration. We learn better when we grow together.

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